Tuesday, December 4, 2007

INTERVIEW: Andrea Somberg of Harvey Klinger Inc., Literary Agent

Andrea Somberg, previously an agent at Vigliano Associates and the Don Maass Agency, joined Harvey Klinger Inc. in the spring of 2005. She handles both fiction and non-fiction, including literary, commercial, young adult, genre (romance, mystery, sf/fantasy) memoir, pop-culture, how-to, self-help, humor, interior design, cookbooks, and health & fitness.

Harvey Klinger, Inc. began as a one-man, one office literary agency in October, 1977 Over the years, it has grown and expanded, and is widely recognized as among the top boutique literary agencies in the publishing industry. -HKI-

EI: Is it true that short fiction credentials are important to a writer trying to get her or his first novel published? If so, can you tell us why that is so? .......Have you had an overwhelming experience that most writers toiling away on a first novel and neglect to dip into short fiction? What is your opinion?

Andrea Somberg: Short fiction credentials are important to the extent that they allow an author to stand out from the crowd. But in terms how much weight they're given, a lot of that depends on the genre, and on the type of publication in which the short fiction appears. The other thing to keep in mind is that short fiction and a novel are very different art forms. Just because a writer excels at one, does not mean that they are good at the other. Truth be told, it's rare that a short fiction credential will influence my decision one way or the other. For me, it's all about whether I fall in love with the novel. If I don't, thousands of past publications are not going to influence my decision.

EI: Ms. Andrea Somberg is one of the most prolific agent to date as well as Mr. Harvey Klinger himself.

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