Wednesday, November 21, 2007

INTERVIEW: Jackie Meyer - Whimsy Literary Agency

In lieu of a personal photo, we are using Ms. Meyer's recents client's book cover.

Whimsy Literary Agency, specializes in books and authors that educate, entertain and inspire people. Established in 2006.

Prior to WLA, Jackie was VP/Creative Director, Warner Books where she acquired and edited non-fiction & was the co-founder/publisher of the gift/illustrated book imprint. Jackie created original books in-house and has consulted as a project editor. As the author of two books, she relates to the publishing process from the authors point of view.

Wow, are you a publicist?

First of all, I am a new agent, and my agency WHIMSY is in it's infancy. I have a long tenure as an executive at Warner Books and other houses. I am a twice published author and like many of the writers who send me queries I appreciate what they go through in order to get published. That is why we try our best to answer every query we get and to have a non-intimidating and direct approach. We appreciate writers who are concise, researched and organized and that it what garners our attention most. My associate agent Olga Vezeris is taking on some fiction and I seek nonfiction. (Although I signed on a memoir that is being rewritten as a novel)

To answer your question about fiction, all of those elements are important. We could add that a high concept and a great title are extremely important. Think Big Book. A title is a marketing tool, it has to grab the reader. The writing has to be well paced. We look for engaging first chapters (and first page) and satisfying endings. It helps if you can describe the book in one line. An example I give is a description of the movie ET: neighborhood kids help an alien return home.

Writers should also be concerned with the audience. We read a lot of material that is too centric, the writer is eager to pass on the information and story from their point of view and they leave the reader out of the equation. Write for readers, otherwise, buy a diary!

One last thing while we have this forum, don't just write, get involved with your subject. Publishers want experts in their field, people with a passion and a presence in their subject matter.

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