Friday, October 16, 2009

I’M BACK !!!!

Hello, Everyone! Long time no see. So what did I miss?? Is the economy back on track yet? Hmmm!!!

Anyhow, I’m sad to say that I haven’t been maintaining this site as much as I would like to. Due to unavoidable circumstances my blogs were all ‘derailed’ somewhere in cyberspace.......

My focus lately has shifted to my ‘Wireless’ novel series, and that my blog was sitting here idle.

Since my last entry in last June and being offline for several months I have received numerous emails from readers and authors who wondered if I dropped of the face of the planet or... if I had given up on my commitment to my readers.

Well... It is always good to be missed! Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement, and for taking such an interest. Knowing that what I do matters to someone else is important to me.

A lot of things took place when I was offline. Now... I still got tons of emails to read and comments to moderate and I have not even started.

Well... at the risk of sounding cliché the business of life sometimes interferes with the pursuit of living! But I’m back now. Truthfully, I get a jolt from being a conduit for authors’ to express themselves through media more freely and unfiltered than a critic might be able to do. I’d like to give my authors the opportunity to connect more directly to their audience which makes a difference.

Hopefully this approach offers a different and maybe fresher perspective. I sincerely hope that my recent sabbatical has not disrupted that evolving process. I truly want my readers to know that I do value their participation, and that I eager to reestablishing contact.

At the end of the day the reader wants to know more about the person being interviewed, and less about a critic’s opinion. These days everyone thinks he’s a critic with something to say…

To all of you, who have been engaged in the process -- thank you. It has been a pleasure to have exchanged ideas with you. You have been a great source of inspiration.

My sabbatical has given me newfound enthusiasm and commitment for broadcasting your creative accomplishments and insights. Going forward I am determined to see Up Close & Personal, Totally YA and A View From The Top continue to evolve. I like to think that it serves our community of authors and readers in a unique way

I’d like to announce that new interviews, blog updates and website updated materials and whatnot will be posted here ASAP.

I truly want my readers to know that I do value their participation. Please check in to see the next installment of my interviews, which will be posted starting November 1st, 2009.

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